Industrial Sodium Fluoborate

Other Name: Sodium tetrafluoborate

M.F.: NaBF4

M.W.: 109.82

Properties: white rhombic elongated crystal or powder; bitter acidic taste; dissociate gradually upon heating; soluble in water; slightly soluble in alcohol; dry product is not corrosive to glass; acidic aqueous solution (to litmus test); specific density: 2.47(20); M.P.:384 (dissociate)

Application: as fluorination agent

Product Quality:

Purity % 95

Free fluoboric acid %1.0

Storage: tightly sealed, double bagged with plastic inner bag in knitted bag

Industrial Potassium Fluoborate

M.F.: KBF4

M.W.: 125.90

Properties: white powder; slightly soluble in water and hot water/alcohol; M.P.: 350; dissociating upon melting; specific density: 2.498 (20)

Application: fusing agent for thermal welding and copper brazing; for the production of boron alloy; as abradant on heat cured resin grinding wheel; for production of boron trifluoride; also for casting for aluminum and magnesium.

Product Quality:


Storage: tightly sealed, double bagged