Industrial Fluosilicic Acid

Other Names: hydrofluosilicic acid, hydrosilicofluoric acid, silicofluoric acid

M.F.: H2SiF6

M.W.: 144.08

Properties: clear liquid; it is ca. 30% aqueous solution of silicon hydrogen fluoride; hydrochloric acid odor; strong acid; irritating; mix arbitrarily with water; dissociate into volatile silicon tetrafluoride and hydrogen fluoride upon boiling; corrosive to glass and ceramics; strongly erosive to skin and mucous membrane; specific density at 1.32; B.P. at 108.5.

Applications: for the production of fluosilicates and silicon tetrafluoride; as antiseptic for industrial equipment; also for treatment of porcelain, or as hardener for cement.

Product Quality:

concentration %40

free acid (HF)% 1

Storage: 25kg in plastic barrel; tightly sealed; avoid exposure to light;

Hazard: grade 2 corrosive inorganic acid; hazard No.: 93008

Industrial Ammonium Fluosilicate

Other Name: ammonium silicofluoride

M.F.: (NH4)2SiF6

Properties: white crystal; can be type or type ; type is in cubic system, density at 2.011g/cm3; type is in triclinic system, density at 2.152g/cm3; soluble in alcohol and water; insoluble in acetone; stable in air; prolonged heating will convert type to type .

Applications: as disinfectant in brewing industry; for etching on glass; antiseptic for timber; for the production of cryolite etc.; for extraction of potassium from green sand; as fusing agent for welding etc.

Product Quality:


fluosilicic acid(%)0.3


water insoluble(%)0.5

Storage: tightly sealed in plastic inner bag and knitted outer bag.