Industrial Ammonium Fluoride

Other Name: Neutral Ammonium Fluoride

M.F.: NH4F

M.W.: 37.04

Properties: white crystal or powder; deliquescent; corrosive to glass; soluble in cold water; slightly soluble in alcohol; insoluble in ammonia; dissociate to produce ammonia and ammonium hydrogen fluoride in hot water; acidic aqueous solution; corrosive to skin; toxic; specific density: 1.009(d20)

Application: etching on glass; antiseptic for timber; also for extraction or rare elements.

Product Quality:

Purity %:95

Storage: tight sealed, double bagged with plastic bag in knitted bag.

Hazard: toxic inorganic compound; hazard No. 83015

Industrial Fluoboric Acid

M.F.: HBF4

M.W.: 87.81

Properties: clear solution; strongly acidic; hydrolyzable; not corrosive to glass under room temp.; concentrated solution should not be stored in glass vessel for prolonged time; toxic; corrosive.

Applications: stabilizer for diazotates; for the production of fluoborates; in electroplating and printed circuit board industry; polishing agent for aluminum; acid wash for steel plates; welding fuse; cleaning agent for metallic deposit; for casting of aluminum alloy or zinc; catalyst for organic synthesis;

Product Quality:

Value (%)
grade A
grade B
purity (HBF4)
free boric acid (H3BO3)
0.1 0.6
0.1 0.6
sulfate (SO4)
silicon dioxide (SiO2)
iron (Fe)
heavy metal (in Pb)
chloride (Cl)

Storage: in cool, dry and well ventilated depot.