Magnesium Fluoride

M.F.: MgF2

M.W.: 62.31

Appearance: white cubic crystalline powder

Purity: 97%

M.P.: 1261°ś

B.P.: 2239°ś



Calcium: 0.1

Silicon dioxide (SiO2)%:1%

Water £®%£©0.5%

Application: as fusing agent for the production of the metal magnesium; as additive for electrolytic aluminum; coating on optic lens; finishing agent for titanium pigment; fluorescent material for CRT; also in ceramics and glass industry

Packing: 50 kg N.W. in plastic bag contained in knitted bag.

Storage: store in cool and dry depot; Should not store or transport with food products.

Production: 10 MT/month

Magnesium Fluosilicate

M.F.: MgSiF66H2O

M.W.: 274.48

Appearance: colorless or white rhombic or needle shaped crystal

Purity: 98%

Application: mainly for strength enhancer and the agent to slow down coagulation for concrete;